Lived Here Most Our Lives, So Yeah, DC Is Our Hood

Hello. We are Jorge and Miryam Bohabot, an experienced brother-and-sister real estate agent team based out of Occoquan Virginia. Since we a short drive outside of Washington, D.C., we focus on the DC metro area, both within and just outside the beltway. Our history within the district and the local community gives us a keen advantage to help you with selling your home or buying the home of your dreams.

Jorge Bohabot and Miryam Bohabot

Built on Relationships

We want to be able to build strong relationships with our clients and be sure that we understand all of their wants and needs. Additionally, we want to be able to give you the best service possible by offering thorough knowledge of the area you are targeting for your family. Our clients continuously tell us that the reason they enjoyed working with us the most was based on our ability to help take some of the stress out of their buying or selling experience. Allow us to do the same for you.

The Right Home for Our Diverse Clientele

Great school districts, shopping centers, walking/biking trails, and more make for important considerations for families looking for a new home. However, we work with older or single couples that might not want to be around kids at all.

Ultimately, we focus on homes that provide you with what you are looking for in your ideal location with your wish list of features. With that being said, we will always give you options to help balance the pros and cons of alternate options. We always believe that you have options, by the way. Allow us to serve you and we will hep you explore your choices.

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Staying Within Your Budget

When talking about your budget, we won't every try to force a home on you that you can't afford. We will only look for homes in and around the budget that you give us. This may include speaking with the seller of the home you want that is over-budget in order to negotiate the price down, which we are excellent at doing. No matter what, though, our main focus is you. We can't wait to work with you as your preferred local real estate agent company!

Pocos meses después de mis padres haber vendido y comprado otra propiedad, contratamos los servicios de Jorge y Miriam, quienes fueron sus realtors. Ellos nos acompañaron durante todo el proceso de compra y luego de venta. Para al compra su profesionalismo nos ayudo a encontrar el mejor crédito hipotecario en el mercado y para la venta su agresividad nos ayudo a cerrar la venta en un tiempo record de sólo15 días. No dudo en recomendarlos ampliamente.
— Sofia y Jose Fernandez

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